Kristeena Saville is a highly skilled, experienced and diverse visual artist with over thirty years experience. She has worked in such genres as music, fashion, publishing, promotional, sculpture and also, fine art. A unique style has evolved, along with the ability to connect and express through visual art on the behalf of others as well as herself.

    The major correlating factor in all of Kristeena’s art practise, is drawing. An innate interest in human spirit, ideals of beauty and patterns of attraction are a major inspiration. The natural progression of capturing an image is to also bring forward the depth. Seeking to define the uniqueness, beauty and essence that each person presents, is at the basis of her work. 

     Life drawing practice, in which Kristeena runs regular workshops, has been a traditional means of artistic observation and skill building for centuries. The benefits are immeasurable, not only for the artists but also the well being of the models.   

 “What I love the most about drawing people from life, is the immediacy and presence of the fleeting moment in which they stand or sit before me. 

     I believe this to be healing for both the model and myself, as I aspire to support a feeling of freedom in an expressive and comfortable way. The capturing of time in a moment of stillness with a live model is most challenging and by turning it into an appreciated work of art makes me feel like I have played a part in our attempt to overcome the progression of life and gravity.

     In a limited time, I must quickly take in the essence of the models character, ambience of the lighting, space and also consider the structure of the composition. The form is then defined by way of falling in and out of light.” Kristeena Saville