Intimate portrait

     Life drawing practice has been a tradition that artists have been undertaking for centuries. The twist is that you get to be the model and muse for a one on one drawing session with the artist, in the privacy of your very own abode.

     The result is an original work of art, a nude or semi nude portrait in which you are the subject and inspiration. 

     The artist Kristeena Saville is known for drawing on the pages of nostalgic and once revered narrative in old books. This adds undertones of meaning to the images of human form that is overlaid by the artist, revealing unseen complexities and adding a depth of character. Plain paper options are also available.

      Experience a unique and artistic genre of healing. Local Artist Kristeena Saville, will come to the privacy of your accommodation unit in and around Daylesford. An ambient setting will be established and styled with intent to express your uniqueness and take in aesthetics of lighting and composition.

      This can be exciting, as you and your partner can choreograph each others individual or mutual portraits. A prospective bride or groom may benefit from this sophisticated, quirky but cultured experience as well. 

       All the drawings from the session are yours to keep and the whole experience will take up to an hour, cost two hundred dollars per portrait. Friends and locals portraits are discounted. These prices are available in Daylesford and surrounding areas only, other locations can be negotiated, according to travel time and expenses.